For travellers looking for authentic connections with locals 

First of all,,,

we would love you to step into the woods and feel the diverse forms of life all around you.  This is the best place to set your body clock to the Nishiawakura Village time.









A home away from home: an authentic Japanese country life experience.  Nokishita Toshokan B&B is an eco-friendly bed and breakfast fully dedicated to the comfort of sensitive and nature-loving travellers.  




We serve breakfast featuring organic bread and green smoothie.​  All of the other food offerings are also wholesome and made with love.


​Catered to our vegan as well as vegetarian customers.

Artisan’s Story Tours 


No tour is ever the same as I want to design one to exceed YOUR expectations of what the area has to offer.


​The village itself offers you a great place to walk around seeing all the vegetable gardens so neat and tidy, walking into local shops without any English signs or tags and bumping into old people who will talk at you in Japanese not caring at all whether you understand them or not.  

There are also hikes through the beautiful woods with hundreds of ancient trees and rare wild flowers blooming along the paths.  


Dare I say, there is even a stone circle high up where the animals reign as you feel something different in the air so pure and serene.



What makes your travel meaningful is the people you meet along the way.  The very stories that they tell you, together with their openness, spontaneity, sincerity and directness, are what touch your very being, your soul.  They are the stories that you tell your family and friends when you return home feeling uplifted and transformed, having seen that change is indeed possible, and that seemingly unsurmountable challenges in life can be overcome.


Visit Nishiawakura Village, touted as a “miracle village” by some media. Though it is a tiny village with a population of just under 1,500, thirty-four new businesses have started in the last ten years. Across Japan, small mountainous communities have been suffering from severe depopulation as young people leave for big cities looking for more desirable work opportunities.


Find out why then this small community tucked in the woods is attracting young entrepreneurs through the powerful stories that they tell you of how and what they did to realise the changes they wanted to see in their lives.