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For travellers looking for authentic connections with locals 

First of all,,,

we would love you to step into the woods and feel the diverse forms of life all around you. 

This is the best place to set your body clock to the Nishiawakura Village time.









A home away from home: an authentic Japanese country life experience.  Nokishita Toshokan B&B is an eco-friendly bed and breakfast fully dedicated to the comfort of sensitive and nature-loving travellers.  


We serve breakfast featuring organic bread and green smoothie.​  All of the other food offerings are also wholesome and made with love.


​Catered to our vegan as well as vegetarian customers.

Artisan’s Tours 


in Okayama Countryside


-For travellers looking for authentic connections with locals-


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​The village itself offers you a great place to walk around seeing all the vegetable gardens so neat and tidy, walking into local shops without any English signs or tags and bumping into old people who will talk at you in Japanese not caring at all whether you understand them or not.  

There are also hikes through the beautiful woods with hundreds of ancient trees and rare wild flowers blooming along the paths.  


Dare I say, there is even a stone circle high up where the animals reign as you feel something different in the air so pure and serene.








Our Covid-19 Safety Practices

First of all, we only take one group per night to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.  We follow the following COVID-19 safety practices and ask our guests to follow them during their stay with us.  1) Wear a mask when interacting and practice social distancing 2m apart from each other 2) Wash hands regularly.  3) Ventilate the space as much as possible.  4) We have enhanced our cleaning process by thoroughly sanitising the space (spray high-touch surfaces in each room with an approved disinfectant spray).

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