For travellers looking for authentic connections with locals 

First of all,,,

we would love you to step into the woods and feel the diverse forms of life all around you.  This is the best place to set your body clock to the Nishiawakura Village time.







A home away from home: an authentic Japanese country life experience.  Nokishita Toshokan B&B is an eco-friendly bed and breakfast fully dedicated to the comfort of sensitive and nature-loving travellers.  



Hugo et Leoのパンの提供は今年限りになります。2020年度からは、


We will no longer be serving bread from Hugo et Leo from the next season.

​Our offering will continue to be wholesome and made with love.

Craftsman Tours in 

Countryside Okayama

Our country’s aesthetic ideals can be succinctly expressed in the word “yo-no-bi” (beauty found in handmade items for everyday use).  

Whether its pottery, weaving, woodwork, paper making, the ageless rustic beauty can be felt in any of the handmade pieces you will encounter on the tour.  The stories of their creators will reveal the secrets and the driving force behind their efforts and dedication to their crafts.  Why do the works made of natural materials become more beautiful with use and age? I hope you will come and find out the answers for yourself and also explore your artistic and aesthetic paths in a wider Mimasaka meaning “to create beauty.”


​The village itself offers you a great place to walk around seeing all the vegetable gardens so neat and tidy, walking into local shops without any English signs or tags and bumping into old people who will talk at you in Japanese not caring at all whether you understand them or not.  

There are also hikes through the beautiful woods with hundreds of ancient trees and rare wild flowers blooming quietly on the path.  


Dare I say, there is even a stone circle high up where the animals reign as you feel something different in the air so pure and serene.