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​Nokishita Toshokan B&B
​ from now on  これから 

In 1959, Yoshi Shiraiwa, Hiromi’s grandmother, opened her home to the children of Nishiawakura Village and gave them free access to a collection of books and other educational resources. The library under the roof - ‘Nokishita Toshokan’ – project was born and lasted for the next ten years. In 2009, 60 years later, Hiromi and I moved to Japan and started renovating her grandmother's old wooden Japanese house to revive the learning spirit of Nokishita Toshokan.


For the last 8 years, we have now and again pondered our values and the set of beliefs that drives and gives shape to our business, and ultimately, to our lives.


Upon recent reflection, we have observed that the values which drove us to revive the Nokishita Toshokan in 2009 have not really changed, but have become stronger in substance and deeper in application. Our tree of aspiration is growing taller and soaring toward the sky.  


We believe that everything we do has to be a positive contribution to our community and to the world. We are committed to providing unique experiences to our B&B guests, bakery customers and language and yoga students that will uplift their very being and transform something in their lives. Be it the heart-to-heart dialogues of our language classes, the reverberation of laughter over a cup of Caribbean coffee, the fragrance of aroma oil drifting through the B&B corridors or the yogic celebration of our mind, body and soul, we are all about creating and maintaining a human connection. Though it may only be for a short period of time, everything we do is to inspire and nurture the human spirit. 


At times when economics speak louder than our hearts, it is important to shift focus to compassionately foster the growth of our children. As parents, community builders, teachers and "happiness traders," taking responsibility is not always easy. When we find ourselves losing our way amongst the financial figures, remembering our values and holding fast to them, we believe, will always guide us through the rough seas to the new dawn.  


We believe in the potential of the ripple effects. Our interactions with a single person can create subtle but continuous rippling effects that touch the lives of billions of people around the world.  We are here to celebrate the diversity of people with whom we come into contact each day--from an adorable 3 month old baby to a local farmer who needs a rest during his round of checking the rice paddies.  It is our promise to embrace every single person who steps into our door and to treat them with respect and dignity.  At Nokishita Toshokan, our work is never done.  Everyday we strive to be true to ourselves and honour our integrity.


私の祖母は生前、岡山県英田郡西粟倉村の自宅の一室を「軒下図書館」として地元の子供達に解放しておりました。その祖母が亡くなり10年以上空き家になっていたこの西粟倉の家に、2009年フランス人の旦那とその当 時3歳と0歳の子供達を連れて、ロンドンから移住してきました(私にとっては半分Uターン、半分Iターンです)。

































チャールズ裕美 拝

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