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Nokishita Toshokan volunteer programme in Nishiawakura, Japan


Nokishita Toshokan is an eco B&B, natural bakery, yoga centre and language school located in the charming village of Nishiawakura. Surrounded by native japanese cedar and cypress forest we take pride in our environment and make sustanable living our daily commitment.  

We are a sustainable living center, which offers a way for people to learn, teach and develop ideas for sustainability, art and healthy living. 

We open the doors to all people who seek a place for their workshops, research and hobbies whilst cooperating with the daily work carried out at Nokishita Toshokan. Because we have to coordinate the number of volunteers that can stay in our facilities, we ask that you send your request by email. Please give us some time to respond to your request.


From June 1st to July 15th, we have our green season, as this is generally when we welcome Japan's rainy season called tsuyu. The rain is very important for rice cultivation. Also, there are many pretty flowers blooming at this time. One of them is ajisai (hydrangea) which is a symbol of the rainy season in Japan. The minimum length of stay is 2 weeks.


Between July 15th and October 15th we have our high season. This is the perfect time to visit for anyone interested and experienced in customer service, tourism, cooking, art, hospitality management and teaching English. The minimum length of stay is 4 weeks.



Nokishita Toshokan offers volunteers;

  • Private accommodation in our traditonal Japanese wooden house with shared bathroom

  • 3 delicious and healthy meals a day prepared together 

  • Internet access

  • Full interaction with our Nokishita Toshokan family and local community

  • A fun atmosphere in the Japanese contryside, an unforgettable experience!


What we ask of our volunteers:

  • No experience necessary, just the desire to learn and work together.

  • Speak English or French 

  • 5 hours of work a day, for 5 days a week

  • Volunteers must pay their own travel expenses,  personal items and international insurance.

  • International license is a plus but not necessary. 


If you are interested, contact us now!


The Charles family welcomed me into their team with open arms, setting up an ideal environment for a newcomer to adjust, learn and grow. I am honored to have been a part of the initial magic of Nokishita Toshokan's thriving volunteer program. This was a perfect opportunity to integrate gracefully into the incredible and intricate Japanese culture. Nishiawakura will always hold a special place in my heart for its kind community and tranquil beauty. This program was unlike anything that I have done before and I can think of no better way to spend two months in Japan. Thank you Olivier and Hiromi, for not only sharing your space, but your wisdom and your time. I will be back



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